Beginning the Application Process

St. 云州 University welcomes you 和 thanks you for your service to our country. We greatly value the qualities of maturity, 奉献, 持久性, responsibility 和 leadership you bring to our campus community. The 退伍军人 Resource Center is available to facilitate your move from a tight-knit military community to a campus support system.

Admission Process for 退伍军人
Active duty military 和 veterans follow much of the same application process as non-military students -application, 成绩单, FAFSA, scholarships 和 registration. After you complete our military-connected student admission checklist on this page, you will be set to start classes.

Military-Connected Student Checklist

适用于St. 云州 University 本科 和 graduate programs

Your first step is to apply. Use the appropriate link corresponding to the degree you are seeking.

To apply by email, make a request by emailing

成绩单 Send us your transcript(s)

Request your official 成绩单 for previous college level coursework, including military training. 我们的 注册商 will evaluate it for transfer credit. To request your military transcript (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) visit Joint Services 成绩单

Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) Advised for all SCSU students

Even if your education will be funded by education benefits from military service, we advise exploring additional financial aid through FAFSA.

教育的好处 For military-connected students

If you are a military-connected student you may be eligible for multiple military education benefits including 退伍军人权利法》®明尼苏达退伍军人法案®Federal Tuition Assistance 和 State Tuition Reimbursement.

The MDVA Central Region Coordinator is available to help you underst和 your benefits. Certificates of Eligibility may be submitted to SCSU's certifying official.

注册课程 参加咨询 & Registration session

在哈士奇咨询公司 & Registration, you will:

Note:  After you have completed registration, complete the SCSU 退伍军人 Enrollment Application. If at any time you add or drop any courses after completing this online certification, contact 我们的办公室 to inform us of added or dropped courses.

奖学金 Available for all SCSU students

St. 云州 has gracious donors who help us give out multiple scholarships for military-connected students as well as hundreds of other non-military scholarships.

Student 支持服务

建议 & 学生的转变

Seek assistance with academic planning 和 underst和ing degree requirements or connect with your Student Success Advisor.

Student 和 advisor talking at desk

建议 & 学生的转变

Student Accessibility Services

All Huskies experience campus 和 the classroom the same. Connect with accommodations, review service animal guidelines or apply for services.

Student on laptop outside

Student Accessibility Services

Counseling 和 Psychological Services (CAPS)

帽提供 confidential mental health services that promote personal development, psychological well-being 和 academic success.

Two people talking in Eastman room

Counseling 和 Psychological Services (CAPS)

退伍军人权利法》® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of 退伍军人 Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站.