It is going to be It's Time

Redefining St. Cloud State University


The world is changing and so is St. Cloud State University. We are taking a new approach to higher education as we boldly redefine what it means to be a state university. It's Time is our strategic framework for the future, outlining key areas for investment and innovation as we deliver market-relevant programs, certifications, and degrees from nationally recognized programs.

It's Time is focused on fields that are important to our state, its citizens and its businesses. We are excelling in the fields of engineering and applied science, holistic health and wellness, education, and leadership. Additionally, we deliver an education with a strong liberal arts foundation, as students pursue their intellectual interests, broaden their perspectives, and strengthen the skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Students are at the heart of the St. Cloud State experience, and with our focus on individualized student success, we are investing in advisors who guide students to stay on pace for graduation, and most importantly, realize their dreams. Students work closely with professors on academic research and gain experiences through an extensive network of industry partners and more than 125,000 alumni. Our graduates are ready for life as global citizens and as professionals with fulfilling and impactful careers.

From SCSU President Robbyn Wacker’s perspective, "It's Time recognizes and builds upon St. Cloud State’s institutional strengths, forward-thinking research, and academic excellence as we identify new and innovative ways to serve our students and state." SCSU is bold, innovative, and focused as it leads the way providing a life-changing educational experience for it’s students.

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See how St. Cloud State is Redefining Higher Education

Mass Communication

The role of the liberal arts in preparing students to thrive in careers and in life.

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College of Education and Learning Design prepares educators to be innovative, flexible and connected.

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SCSU Nursing Program helps students grow while meeting healthcare's most pressing needs.

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Science & Engineering

College of Science & Engineering develops students' skills to industry specs.

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Public Affairs

School of Public Affairs blends innovative ideas and practical training.

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Individualized Student Support

SCSU offers individualized, multi-layered support to help students thrive.

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SCSU's commitment to teacher-scholars and their research benefits students, state.

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Herberger Business School

Herberger Business School at SCSU focuses on realistic and real-world experiences.

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Minnesota Institute of Technology

The Minnesota Institute of Technology brings together a wide range of disciplines.

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